We've recently discovered the secret to weekends (and maybe life) is waking up early, so we hit the road for Santa Cruz bright and early last Saturday. Below are a whole bunch of photos from the scenic route, which we took both ways.

Food spots

  • Lemon buttermilk cutie pie and rosemary shortbread cookie from Pie Ranch, my new happy place.
  • Magical strawberry picking experience at Swanton Berry Farm (we ate them all before we even turned around to go home).
  • Breakfast burritos from Point Market & Cafe, which we ate while watching the ocean and surfers across the street. Our friends recommended the Barrel and the Thai and they were everything they said they'd be and more. 
  • Ice cream at Marianne's. The oreo and "heaven" (vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirl, peanut butter swirl and brownies) were out of this world.