Listen While You Work

The other night I watched the premiere episode of this, which ended to the tune of "Just Another Nervous Wreck." I didn't recognize the song but was immediately hooked, and after shazamming it I discovered it belongs to the best named album ever–Breakfast in America–by Supertramp. So many of the songs are ones I've picked up along the way from soundtracks and long drives with the radio on without realizing who they were by. Turns out this was one of my parents' favorite albums in high school, and they'd cruise home from school with their friends to "Take the Long Way Home." I've been jamming out to it while working all week and it has been the greatest. 


Spent some time today trying to get more comfortable on my Wacom tablet. Sometimes it's fun to just play.


We've recently discovered the secret to weekends (and maybe life) is waking up early, so we hit the road for Santa Cruz bright and early last Saturday. Below are a whole bunch of photos from the scenic route, which we took both ways.

Food spots

  • Lemon buttermilk cutie pie and rosemary shortbread cookie from Pie Ranch, my new happy place.
  • Magical strawberry picking experience at Swanton Berry Farm (we ate them all before we even turned around to go home).
  • Breakfast burritos from Point Market & Cafe, which we ate while watching the ocean and surfers across the street. Our friends recommended the Barrel and the Thai and they were everything they said they'd be and more. 
  • Ice cream at Marianne's. The oreo and "heaven" (vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirl, peanut butter swirl and brownies) were out of this world.